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Meta Dining

Meta Dining is a hand animated two minute film, using the techinque of metarmophosis to depict two people enjoying a meal. First place in animation category, Athens Ohio Film Festival.

Song of Life

Song of Life is a hand animated 6 minute film about a young woman and her experiences as she looks in her mirror. Award winner in the Sinking Creek Film Festival.


Hagalaz is a six minute computer animated video about elemental forces.

Dragon's Gift

Storyboard excerpts from the Dragon's Gift. A coming of age tale, set in a surreal alternate world, animated by combining 3D, paint and live action source.

Improbable Pairs

Improbable Pairs consists of two six minute documentary videos about the real meaning of making peace. Each vignette features a pair of people who have experienced conflict and have come to terms with each other against extraordinary odds. The subjects share the story of their conflict and reconciliation openly, and utlimately confront the viewer with his or her responsibility to do the same. "We have made peace -- you can too". Gold Award Worldfest Houston. Improbable Pairs Website.