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My background involves art, animation, programming and teaching. I completed undergraduate degrees in Painting/Drawing, Psychology and Philosophy/Religious Studies. I was then trained in traditional and computer animation at California Institute of the Arts while pursuing an MFA in Experimental Animation. I also studied computer programming during and following my MFA work.


My work history includes employment as a software engineer, where I combine my creative talents with programming to create software for compositing and special effects. I have worked as a production artist in computer animation and compositing, and I have worked as a teacher, teaching computer graphics and animation.


I spend a great deal of my time creating independent works of art, both still and moving. I have created animated shorts, which have shown in Film Festivals and won awards, I have illustrated children's stories, and I show my still work in shows and galleries. The main influences in my work are Surrealism and abstraction. I enjoy taking the "real" world, abstracting it and removing it from its context. I attempt to look into the regions beyond "normal" reality, into the places where rules are broken and the unexpected reigns.


Some of my coding projects have included:


Freelance work for Xaos Inc


Writing effects for Pandemonium at Xaos Tools


Writing software for the film compositing application Cineon at Kodak


Writing software for the Virtual Data Cine at Philips


Designing and writing Bones Post Production Software at Thomson


Designing and writing Flexxity and next generation software at Digital Film Technology


Designing and writing next generation software at LYNX Technik AG